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Junko Shimada, REALTOR®

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My goal is always to work very diligently with and for you as you search for a home to buy, rent or sell.  I have lived in Las Vegas and Southern California for the past 12 years. My background of work achievements includes over 20 years with  Morgan Stanley Japan Ltd., Merrill Lynch Japan Securities, and  Deutsche Securities Inc. where I was an assistant vice president for the Tokyo operations. During my career, I have also gained experience in sales while working in the financial industry, dealing with many people from many countries.



Quinn &

We relocated from Northern California in April 2021 and had Junko-san kick up the hunt for a home in Vegas prior to the move. We can be difficult to handle since we're internet sleuths and monitoring for new properties hitting the market in near real-time, but she ran with us the entire way. The most important qualities you can find in a realtor is a.) trustworthy, and b.) hustle, and she had both of these in spades. She was very responsive to our needs and facilitated virtual tours for us before the move to Vegas, which was crucial to understanding the market better before going harder on offers. We ended up winning a home in Summerlin thanks to Junko-san, and we couldn't be happier.

Akiko Kude

This is my second time buying a house in the United States, but I'm really glad I asked Ms. Shimada to help. If you ask a question, she will thoroughly investigate it. She also easily explained the documents in English to Japanese, and even if it had nothing to do with her work, she was able to help resolve our questions and concerns. Buying a home is a long-running game that takes several weeks, and I am very grateful to meet someone I can trust. アメリカで家を買うのは2度目ですが島田さんにお願いして本当によかったです。質問をすれば徹底的に調べてくださいますし、英語での書類も日本語で要領よく説明して頂きました。ご自身の仕事とは関係のない所でも私たちの心配事に寄り添って解決して頂きました。家を買うのは数週間かかる長期戦です。信頼できる方に巡り会えて大変ありがたく、感謝しています。

Toshi Owaki

We recently moved here from California. Junko started helping us with our search for a new home even before we left CA. She was incredibly personable and professional. She was in constant communication with us by phone and email to gain a genuine understanding of our wants and needs. By the time we got to Las Vegas, she knew exactly what we wanted and we found a home in a week. She still checks in with us from time to time to see how it's going. I would recommend her services to anyone in the market for a home in Las Vegas. カリフォルニアからラスベガスと州をまたいでの移動で 頻繁に行き来せずに短期間で物件を探し、引っ越しが出来たのもエージェントである島田さんの親切、丁寧なサポートがあったおかげだと思ってます。 T.Owaki


Junko Shimada


Realty ONE Group, Inc

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